Thursday, April 12, 2012

Chiffon Maxi Dress

Chiffon maxi dress from

Managed to complete my collection of chiffon maxi dress from thepoplook! All three colours :) *happydance. Although I've no idea when will I wear it. Sigh. Only have the chance to wear the blush one twice before I came here.

Online shopping has been my ‘therapy’ from the last two years. My first purchase is a brown Korean bag, and it's still functioning well today...hehe.. Must remember  to make sure you spend within your monthly allowance that you allocate for shopping. Since it's tooo easy to make a purchase, some people keep on buying-buying-buying, can leads to bankrupt wan...haiya.. well, I am not that chronic. Yet! Haha

I don't plan to start buying online here in this near future. Afraid of being addicted! haha..oh, by the way clothes here are inexpensive. I should go shopping one day =)

I am writing this post using Manglish. Instead of English. 
I am Malaysian. my English is cukup makan.
*manglish = Malaysian English



  1. Hye Hani,

    Yang tengah warna hijau tu akak dah beli :)

  2. Yang tu paling lawa kan? macam Lisa Surihani..hee :)

    1. A'ah.. betul-betul-betul.... Hehehe

  3. yg mcm purple tu pun chantek!
    first time tgk lyana jasmay pakai..
    cantikkan hani!