Saturday, June 30, 2012

A visit to Old Trafford, Manchester.

I've been to Manchester!! 

Excited sungguh :p It was three hours journey by train from Edinburgh to Manchester and the ticket fee was £15 (app.) I actually went there before my trip to Spain as my flight to Malaga will be from there. Since three of us (out of four) haven't been to Manchester, we decided to go a little bit earlier so that we can spend some time there. 

I was introduced to a few Malaysian students there and they were kind enough to let us have some rest in their house that night before we catch up our flight early next morning. We are very lucky that we have place to keep our luggage while 'touring' the city. Thank you kakak2 & adik2..heee

We were I was extremely determined to go to the Old Trafford Stadium and planned to take a tour inside. Unfortunately, the stadium was just closed the moment we arrived :'(  Although I'm not a fan of Manchester United, I still feel a tiny tiny piece of disappointment since we were already there. Never mind, I'll show you our pictures :-)

Trying to imitate the statue. My friend hold her bag to resemble a ball :p

Not many people lorr...You can see behind me close already. It's actually their souvenir shop.

I thought Manchester is less cold than Edinburgh. So I wear my thin jacket. I'm wrong man!

Although I look like Sinyu in this pic, still want to show you. BBC kat belakang tu yaww.

 Another good thing about Manchester is they have rows of halal restaurants. My friends bought Fulada Faluda. They said it's like pink cendol + ice cream + biji selasih. You can choose any flavour for your ice cream. It's £2.50. Saya tak makan cendol jadi saya tak beli.

Maybe you should try.

InshaAllah, I'll  visit Old Trafford (again) and Etihad next time. And makan besar lagi. I'll share with you my amazing Andalusia adventure in my next entry. Till then. Bye!

Photos are from Olympus and SII.

Saturday, June 9, 2012

How to Clean Makeup Brushes

Some people like to use brushes to apply makeup to their faces. I am not a makeup expert and I am not going to talk about make up here. I just want to share/remind you ladies on how to wash our brushes. Because we tend to use our brush for a long time, and we keep it uncovered in our makeup bag/box so it might become accumulated with dirt and bacteria. We don't want to apply those bacteria on our skin do we?

Google Image

You might want to wash your brush once in a month but I suggest for foundation brush that is used daily, wash it every week or two. But I don't know if it'll ruin your brush. I'm no good with brushes (!) I'm sorry.

So, how I wash my makeup brush (actually I just own a bronzing brush):

1) wash it with a little amount of shampoo. you may choose baby shampoo or some people prefer to use gentle face cleanser. We actually can buy brush cleanser unfortunately it's quite expensive. That's why I opt to my shampoo.

2) rinse it thoroughly with cold water until the water run clear. Easy, just like how we wash our paint brush :)

3) let it dry. I think we should leave it dry flat. If you dry it vertically with the brush on top, water will go down into the I-don't-know-what-we-call it thing. you know the part that has glue that make the brush stick to the holder and may wash the glue away.  Limited vocab I have T_T

Bronzing brush from The Body Shop

That's it. If you are a Muslim, it is wise for you to buy a synthetic brush to avoid unintentional buy of pig hair brush. mughallazah!

Bye now!