Monday, June 22, 2009

Beadings; new love of mine

As far as i noticed, i am now so much in love with needles and threads. since i still dont own a sewing machine, i decided to do beading. so, last friday i went to a craft shop. with the help from miss fafa ( my roomate cum beading instructor), i managed to get all the things needed for my first project. i spent the whole night sewing beads to my baju kurung ( of course under supervision of fafa dearly )..finally, this is the outcome. not very impresive, but still, im so proud of it.

its not easy, but full of satisfaction :):)

for those who have any comment or idea or ways on how i can improve, pls let me know =)

ooppss..i have problem uploading the pics right now. will do it later. c ya!

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