Friday, April 8, 2011

Definasi XOXO


Selalu kan tengok signature yang macam ni? Saya tak tau xoxo tu apa. Dah lama konfius, tapi baru tadi ada masa nak google (bajet busy sangat lah). These are what I found,

1) Means hugs and kisses. O=Hug  X=Kiss.

2) A game similar to YoYo but played backwards. 
3) Somewhat unsuccessful ruler of China during the Mung dynasty. Known mainly for the pointless public works projects he began but never finished.
4)  A fairly expensive clothing line for young to middle aged females that mainly specializes in handbags but is not limited to just those; often found in department stores like Macy's and Foley's.
Hurm..banyak betul maksud kan. Jadi, I rasa it's just a lazy person's way to say 'hugs and kisses'!


  1. ohh itu rupanya,thanks :D

  2. oh baru tahu xoxo tuh ape..sblom ni sy pon xtaw..ehheehehe