Thursday, September 8, 2011

Great minds think alike.

Great minds think alike.



This is a humorous expression that is used when you found out someone else was thinking about the same thing as you were.

If you say, "Great minds think alike," you say, jokingly, that you and someone else must be very intelligent or great because both of you thought of the same thing or agree on something.


A: I'm going to the concert tonight.
B: Oh, really? Me too. I heard the performers are excellent.
A: Great minds think alike.

(A and B meet in a restaurant unexpectedly.)
A: How did you know I am here?
B: This restaurant is a very nice place to spend an evening. Great minds think alike.

Dah lama tak belajar Bahasa Inggeris. Dulu time sekolah saya paling suka belajar idioms pastu guna dalam essay. Nanti dapat extra marks..hehe..antara idioms paling saya suka yang ni lah. Great minds think alike. selalu guna. Sekarang dah jelas maksunyd kan? Bukannya maksud literally minda orang 1 dengan orang 2 sama. No. Harapnya tiada salah faham kalau saya guna yang ni lagi. Peace!

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