Sunday, November 24, 2013

Edinburgh Christmas Markets 2013 (Preview)

Edinburgh Christmas Markets are now open until 5 January 2014. This is a sneak-peak entry for those who haven't got the opportunity to go. I believe this is the most awaited event every year. I spent about one hour there last night to see what it is all about (last year I went back to my hometown during winter, so no chance to go).

There are three markets;  
European Market - located at Mound precint and East Princes Street Gardens
Children’s Market - located at St Andrew Square
Edinburgh’s Scottish Market - also at St Andrew Square

Opening time : 
Sunday – Thursday 10am – 9pm 
Friday and Saturday 10am – 10pm

  The Big Wheel has weather-proof pods, six people per seating. 
Cost £8 for adult and £6 for kids.



 They also have Christmas Tree Maze and Santa Train.
Next time I'm going to try the maze. If we manage to find our way out from the maze, Santa’s helper’s will be waiting for you with a present! Only £4 for adult and children.


Below are preview of the Children's Market and  Edinburgh’s Scottish Market at St Andrew Square.

This is the Star Flyer, with 60 meters high! Although we are way below them, we can clearly hear their screams of excitement (or fear!). Last ride is at 9.50pm. £7.50 per ride.

 On the way back, we walked along the George Street. Amazed by this beautiful building, we spent quite some time trying to capture a decent photo of this. Failed. I thought because I'm too short to get a full view of it, but now I realise I should simply move further backwards to get that desired shot. *facepalm*

The Dome

You can buy tickets for all rides and other attraction there or book online. Booking online entitled you for 10%  discounts. Book here
Friends who are struggling for this coming exams, no worries! Remember all these fun last until 5 January ;-) 
Lepas exam nak duduk pagi sampai malam pun boleh bah. 


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