Friday, July 8, 2011

Out of 40 marks, how much will you give me?

Foreign language instruction should begin in kindergarten. Discuss.

Ability to understand second or third language instruction is becoming more essential nowadays.  A bilingual or multilingual individual is said to have a good standard and reputation in their life. The exposure to alternative languages should starts at early age in order to achieve near-native fluency. There are three main reasons why this critical ability is so important.

Firstly, young people especially kindergarten students with age range three to four years old are very fast learner. They are able to absorb new things they learn easily and effectively since they have fresh and rapid developing minds. Learning two or more languages is not a big problem for them. With appropriate practices and applications in their daily life, they will master these languages with no problem.

Secondly, we should look at the professional view. Today’s careers need people with additional quality to distinguish them from other prospective employees. Learning extra language at kindergarten level will have them achieve fluency in speaking thus providing them with a brighter future as they obtain add on value to compete in the job market.

Moreover, a child who is familiar with a foreign language is more likely to be accepted in that particular society. This will broader their social networks. Being able to understand and communicate with foreigner will develop a confidence in them to mingle around and promote cross-cultural awareness. That is why they have to familiarize themselves with other languages since young.

As a conclusion, there are numerous numbers of positive effects of learning other languages from kindergarten. It is believe that those children will adapt well in their surrounding and appreciate the chance of learning different languages given to them.

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  1. maybe you can add some studies on toddlers, when they start to speak, and how early education influence their performance afterwards. and i would suggest u to start the paragraphs in a same manner, u can always start by presenting the example first, followed by elaboration on the topic. just twist them around. if u find it is interesting for u, then it must be the same for those who read it as well. all the best!

  2. *i suggest u to start the paragraphs NOT in a same manner. sorry;p