Monday, February 27, 2012

A good lip balm.

Naturally, all of us have moisture all over our skin. This includes our lips. Being exposed to extreme cold air and harsh wind will definitely dry up your moisture. That’s why you are encouraged to apply lotion to your skin when you face this type of climate.

Chapped lips are not sexxayyy! I’ve been warned about that. 

I need to wear/use something to prevent dry and chap lips. I am not familiar with lip balm, lip gloss and obviously lipsticks. In fact, I can't tolerate with the idea of having bright coloured sticky chemical on my lips. Not comfortable at all. 

But, taking friends advices I bought a lip balm. My first lip balm evarrr. Of course there are varieties of this thing. I narrowed my choice to those with NO COLOUR & NO FLAVOUR. Especially fruits flavor. I am carnivore (haha!) I don’t eat fruits. So, having fruity taste on my lips all day long is a big NO NO.

This is what I’ve got.

 It claimed that it helps prevent and protect chapped, cracked or wind-burned lips. 
Contain vitamin E with spf 15.

Unfortunately, it is not compatible with me. Not sure it is just me or this is not a good product. It is widely known anyway. After first application, I experienced itchiness (damn), then I realized I started to have dry and chap lips! Oh my.

After three times, I decided to give up. Kind of waste of money but what to do. You won’t torture your lips for the sake of money will you?. Should buy another one. Do you guys have any suggestion? A good one please…Many of you are excellent in makeup, I know. Please please help me.

Or else, I’m going for Vaseline. People say it’s good. And CHEAP! A small pot of it cost you RM4.50 only. Can be used for other body parts also. Cool huh?


  1. i suggest u gune vaseline je..its better..cheaper but its working..