Sunday, April 22, 2012

Edinburgh Tour with Syifa Harun

Syifa came from Newcastle yesterday and we went walking around Edinburgh city center. Since I am still very new here, I became a tourist guide fully dependent on the city map ;-) I still remember most of the places from my last 'holiday' with family though.

This is a compilation of the pictures I have yesterday. Not much I think. Pretty enough as an update to family and friends. These photos are not in chronological order.

West Princes Street Garden

Edinburgh Castle
Why my head is like that wan?? Tilt all the time T_T
Costa- George Street

We had hot chocolate before Syifa catch up her train back to Newcastle. This is my first time with Costa. The chocolate drink taste like Milo, extra Milo. I am not very fond of Milo, so will never have this again next time. Syifa don't finish hers too. See my tudung already kremot-kremot.

My Mixed Kebab. Chicken & Lamb with humus and olive and tomatoes and salads.

Royal Mile

World of illusion. Will try it one day. Did you realize in all my previous pictures in Edinburgh I'm wearing the same tudung? Unfortunately I don't know how and why I just brought two tudung bawal T_T. Sapa-sapa nak mai sini lepas ni, saya nak kirim tudung tau!

Nicolson Square
Heavy lunch near Nicolson Square. With 10% discount for student!
Syifa's meal look yummeah!
Spotted some tulips here. But they are already over kembang.

Princes Street is well know for its shopping attraction. They have LaSenza, Primark, River Island, Zara, H&M, Swatch, GAP, Clarks etc etc. Syifa bought a pair of Clarks. Must go shopping here later!

Overall, the actual scenery is much much more breathtaking. These pictures just don't do their justice. Maybe because of my camera. (should use DSLR i think). Professional photographer may be able to find the right angle to capture so that they will look nice in photos (and make you feel like you are there).  Sigh. so sorry about that.


  1. 2 orang cik saya yg kurus keding!hehe:p

    1. Nanti balik saya lagi besaq dari awak. Tungguuuuu! ;)

  2. cantiknyer pokok bunga pepel itu :)

  3. Replies
    1. Kalau yang berdua tu, orang lalu lalang volunteer amekkan. Sebab depa kesian kot tengok gigih sangat nak guna tripod kecik..hehe