Saturday, May 26, 2012

Another compilation (Edinburgh)

This entry is a compilation of a few photos taken with my mobile phone. Don't expect quality as there are just randomly and spontaneously snapped. Moreover (wah, pakai moreover teringat Sir Khor!), my hp's camera is just 5 mgp.

I LOVE this one. Focus on the awesome blue sky.  Lawa tak lawa tak?

Their office have glass wall. Meaning that they cannot 'steal bone'.


Finally I found the flower that can be tiup-tiup like in movie :)

This is how you should spell. Gueyteow pattaya satu! ;p

See how sunny Edinburgh is now. Very hot fan also. Very stuffy in my office. Btw, this is my luggage I'm moving out from campus already. No need sewa lorry, take the bus! haha
Fogging. Foggy day from my bedroom window. See the building on the left? That's my office. Dekat sajaa!

This is NOT home.

Till then, bye!

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