Thursday, January 26, 2012

Have fun before you fly, Honey!

Yesterday was great!
It was my first hang out with my colleague. So I felt a little formal. Haha..but others are just cool..

I was assigned as an invigilator for the final exam at 2pm. Went there without my lunch (since we have to be there half an hour before the exam start, and I already had rice for my brunch). Only 30 minutes after the exam started, my tummy played its chanting song..teheee...

Right after the exam finished, all 7 of us headed straight to Putrajaya for a ‘lunch’ (already 4pm)  treat by Kak Jiha (used to call her Puan Nazihah when I was a student here ;p )

We had a pleasant meal at Kenny Rogers Roaster. I had quarter chicken with rice, macaroni and baked beans. Yayy! But, the famous vanilla muffin tasted too sweet for me though. Alhamdulillah...

We also went for a karaoke session there. Quite expensive I think. It’s rm51 for one hour but it’s compatible to the elegance room they provide. It was a great fun  although I don’t sing..because...urm..never mind ;p

On the way home we stopped on the KL Drift Bridge to take pictures. The photography session went awesome-ly well! They love camera =) Camera loves them too.

 Aini look creepy behind there. lol

 Unfortunately none of us bring camera, so we used samsung galaxy w instead. without flash since the battery was just about to die *sigh*

Thank you all for making my day =) will be missing you guys soon T_T

Till then. Bye!

Trivia: 'yesterday' actually happened on 14 January 2012.


  1. kak hani tak nyanyi sebab...
    takder lagu kpop...huhuhu

    nice entry..nak copyyyyy :) huhuhuhu