Saturday, March 24, 2012

I am Malay.

Strangers : Hello!
Me : Hi!
Strangers: Are you Chinese?
Me: No.
Strangers: Where do you come from?
Me: Malaysia. I’m a Malay.
Strangers: Oh, you are a beautiful Malay. What’s your name?
Me: Hani.
Strangers: You mean, honey like honey bee?
Me: Angguk2.
Strangers: Oh, your name is as sweet as you. I will never forget your name. Are you Muslim?
Me: Yes…
Strangers: What do you study?
Me: I’m doing PhD in Statistics.
Strangers: You look so young for doing phd.
Me: I’m not young. I’m 25 already.
Strangers: That’s young.
Me: How old are you? What do you do?
Strangers: 30. I study chemical engineering. Undergrad.
Me: Where are you from?
Strangers: I’m from Nigeria.
Me: There’s a lot of Nigerian in my former university
Strangers: Really? Where is it?
Me: Kuala Lumpur. The capital of Malaysia
Strangers: I think we should be friends. I have a lot of Muslim friends. There are very nice. They gather people all around the world.  I like the way you dress. This is how girl should dress. 
Me: How do people in your country dress?
Strangers: For the Muslim, they wear like this. Cover and wrap properly. Other girl wear rubbish.
Me: Angguk2. How long have you been here?
Strangers: Two years.
Me: This is my first week here.
Strangers: Ouh..ic ic..You’ll like it here. You’ll be happy…The Muslim here are very nice..You’ll make friends
Me: Senyum. See ya!
Strangers: Nice to know you.
Me: Berjalan laju.

Sampai kat sini pun orang cakap saya chinese noh...walaupun gelap macam ni..

Ketua Jabatan pesan jangan terpikat warga asing..


  1. hahaha.nex time ckp je, my name is hani wong.hehe

  2. ada mix dgn china ke?

  3. laki ke pompuan yg teguq tu? wah baru tegur dah hampir terpikat nooohh

  4. tak terpikat lah..cuma teringat KJ banyak kali pesan