Saturday, March 31, 2012

Mesej Dari Awang

Hello Dear, am new in your country and hope to have you as a good friend to hang out with.
Am sorry to send this message, but i had to, because am interested in knowing you more, because you are very beautiful.
thanks and expect your reply soon.

It's my pleasure to write to you today.I found your profile during my search in face book, I felt something different really after seeing your picture. I might be sounding strange as we have not met or know each other before now.

I am Jeff by name! from Oslo Norway, I will like to get to know you better. I am yrs old divorced with one kid living with my ex. I am presently working in ENGLAND.

Do you mind we exchange some messages with little introduction! maybe with constants writing we may get to know each other as a friend..
looking forward to hear from you.

Hello dear,
How are you doing? i hope you are doing fine and well in all endouver? Am just here newly on these face book, just to make friends and on the other hand looking for a serious woman who to be friend with, hoping that having good friends and making new friends bring happiness to human's life, because am now single looking for the woman that i can befriend with , who has the good character of a good woman, with honestly and truly heart of a good friendship.
My dear, i will like to know you, more i just developed interest in your profile that touches my heart, i will be very happy to know you, hoping that we will know each other very well after our introduction. I will be looking forward to read from you soon.

Saya dapat mesej-mesej ni kat facebook. Saya percaya mesej-mesej ni dihantar secara rawak kepada ramai orang. Persoalannya, adakah orang yang akan percaya dan reply? Mesti lah ada kot kan...sebab banyak baca kes awang hitam kat blog Mazidul, semua bermula dari mesej-mesej di laman sosial. Tapi yang mesej ni, bukan awang hitam ja. Awang putih pun ada. 

Hati-hati ya kawan-kawan. Jangan jadi keldai! (keldai dadah)


  1. hati2 hani kt sana nun,risau ceq hg dh la sorg2 kt cna, gadis ayu pulak tu...bak kt jamal abdillah siapa bilang gadis melayu tak menawan, tak menarik hati, tiada tertawan... moga dlindungi dr sgla bhaya nohh ;D

  2. terima kasih ya cik Afzan...semoga kamu berjaya cemerlang dalam master ya!